GH Warrior’s Circle

Raising Warriors, Leading Worship

What is the Warrior’s Circle?

The Warrior’s Circle is Gospel Heritage Foundation’s financial partner program designed to provide an opportunity to assist the organization in meeting its missional mandates—to “Transform Nations and Generations Through Worship” and to “Preserve the Legacy and Perpetuate the Heritage of Gospel.”

Why Give?

The Gospel Heritage Foundation stands in a league of its own with respect to its educational emphasis and demographic focus. Founder and President, Dr. Teresa Hairston, is passionate about training and developing leaders to serve the global community, raise the standard of excellence in personal lifestyle and professional competencies.021915GospelHeritage0166

Gospel Heritage Foundation is uniquely serving the global community:

GH Worship is the only organization that currently unites worship leaders—both Affiliate members and non-members—via monthly/quarterly prayer and conference calls that result in educational as well as inspirational impact.

GH Worship is engaging regional communities via “Affiliates” that teach about worship and provide ongoing resources (books, on-line resources and personnel).021915GospelHeritage0230

GH Worship is providing education to underserved communities regarding an art form that is indigenous to their culture, yet has yet to be structured.

There are three suggested giving levels:

Guardian Circle Givers   @ $20 Monthly

Victory Circle   Givers   @ $50 Monthly

Legacy Circle     Givers   @ $100 Monthly


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