The FIRST step in establishing the Regional Affiliate is to identify a Regional Director.

The Regional Director must be a Pastor. The Regional Director must be a person of influence in his/her region who is willing to collaborate with other pastors and leaders to facilitate the vision.

Second, the Regional Director must secure 8-12 like-minded leaders (at least 4-6 pastors and 4-6 worship leaders/ministers of music) to form the “Board” of the Regional Affiliate. From that group, please identify a Regional Coordinator (music leader) who will oversee musical activities for the region.

Third, we ask that your affiliate would present one activity per year:

**A Weekend “Gospel Heritage Regional Worship Summit” (Friday night service and Saturday educational seminar). Please select a date that all board members agree to support –by attending as well as promoting to their separate churches/ministries to attend; and by not conducting other major church events on that weekend.

Leading Up To The Summit

  1. All Regional Board members must meet (via conference call) at least 4 times during the months leading up to the summit. It is preferable that board members be willing to preach/teach/sow at the Regional Affiliate Weekend Worship Summit to make sure all responsibilities are covered.
    1. Please forward all board members’ direct contact information (name, phone and e-mail) to
  2. Decide (as a team) who will preach/teach and minister in song at the Weekend Worship Summit. (8 wks out)
  3. Submit all participants’ photos and bios to
  4. Promote the Worship Weekend (six weeks out). Post flyers on your social media/send eblasts/disseminate flyers/do radio interviews, etc.
  5. Compose Agenda and budget for the Summit (no less than four weeks in advance of summit date), to include any/all expenses for presenters (e.g. preachers, teachers, facilitators, psalmists, and musicians) as well as GH President/designee. Submit for Dr. Hairston’s approval.

Note: GHF President (Dr. Hairston) must approve BEFORE the GHF Regional Affiliate and/or GHF Regional Summit is announced to the public.

  1. Share APPROVED budget with the Regional Board for collaborative agreements/concerns/questions.
  2. Verify that there are adequate finances/contingencies to provide for the following:
    1. Venue where the event will be held.
      1. If the venue is being donated, there should be an official letter on letterhead indicating this fact.
    2. Promotional budget where needed.
    3. Travel, lodging, and dining for the GHF President for participation in the Summit
      1. All reservations (travel & lodging) should be confirmed at least 3 weeks before the summit.
      2. If travel, lodging, and dining are being contributed by individual ministries instead of by the Regional Affiliate, this should be documented in writing.
    4. Honoraria for any presenters who expect an honorarium, whether preacher, lecturer, psalmist, musician, etc.
      1. Presenters should be agreed upon by active ministry leaders of the Affiliate in collaboration with GHF President and GHF National Coordinator.
      2. If there is a specific amount requested by presenters, this should be made known by them in writing.
  • If there is no specific amount requested by the speaker, but an honorarium is expected, this should be made known by them in writing.
  1. A requested honorarium amount (or the non-specified expected amount) must be made known by the Regional Director to the GHF President, GHF National Coordinator, and all active members of the Regional Affiliate as well, prior to approval. Approval is predicated upon
    1. The agreement of the aforementioned parties in this item (iv), and
    2. The ability-prior to the Summit – of the Regional Affiliate to contribute the honorarium.
  2. If there is a plenary speaker who does not expect an honorarium, there should be a letter from him or her documenting that fact.
  3. In order for GHF to prepare a check to be presented at the Summit event, funds must be submitted to GHF at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the day the check will be needed.
  • If a Regional Affiliate chooses to give a check that is donated from an affiliated ministry, GHF cannot be responsible for the validity of a check or the invalidity thereof.
  1. Any DONATIONS of GOODS OR SERVICES for the Summit, e.g. Staff, Reception, Praise and Worship Ministry, Musicianship etc. should be documented (as to “what” and “by whom”) and submitted in writing to the GHF President and GHF National Regional Affiliates Coordinator. (
  2. Requests for items for the Summit such as printed materials should be submitted to the Regional Affiliates Director in writing (two weeks in advance). (
  3. Requests for any other items for the Summit should be submitted to the Regional Affiliates Director in writing.


*The “in writing” requirement shall be considered met by means of an email with an authorized signature-name attached. (

*Any of the above information that is requested from the Regional Affiliate to the GHF President and/or to the GHF National Regional Affiliates Coordinator shall come from the Regional Affiliate Director. Coordinating the above items will be conducted via conference calls with the GHF Natl Affiliate team once a month and weekly once at least four weeks out of summit.

After the Summit

  1. All funds raised in the Summit are to be submitted to the GHF President and held in the National Treasury. (GHF is a 501-C3 non-profit corporation.)
    1. The national account retains the fiscal record of each Regional Affiliate.
    2. Each Regional Affiliate is expected to have a fiscal Record Keeper (Treasurer) as well who will retain a printed copy of financial proceedings.
    3. A percentage (no more than 50%) of the Regional Affiliate funds, above and beyond Summit expenses, are retained for the support of the Gospel Heritage Foundation.
    4. The remainder is retained to support that Regional Affiliate’s events as they go forward.
    5. In the event that a Regional Affiliate becomes inactive or is dissolved, the funds remain in the Gospel Heritage Foundation’s Treasury, for its ministerial uses only.
  • A gratitude, congratulatory, and de-briefing Conference Call for all Regional Affiliate members will be held no more than two weeks following the Summit.



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