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Outline for GH Regional Affiliates
The purpose of Gospel Heritage is to “Transform Nations & Generations Through Worship.”

Our goals are:
1) to “reform” the current culture of worship in the Church by cultivating a culture of worshipers who focus on leading people into the presence of God rather than on leading songs;

2) to strengthen the local church by championing: Prayer, Unity, Sacrifice and Humility among the community of faith.

3) to create a platform for like-minded individuals who will become worship culture “architects” of the 21st Century Church –inclusive of those who serve as pastors/national/international Christian leaders, artists/gospel industry, musically gifted practitioners in local churches/dance participants

This “growth” initiative began in April of 2013 at the encouragement of Bishop Paul S Morton, Sr. Further shape was given by Dr Kenneth C Ulmer and we now are continuing to share this vision with several of you.

This is a “mammoth” undertaking, and is in the formative stages. Prayerful support and active participation is necessary.
HOW DO WE PLAN TO CULTIVATE (and proliferate) THIS VISION to “Transform Nations & Generations Through Worship”
We have 3 core tenets:
1. REBRAND WORSHIP – Worship isn’t just a musical style, it’s a lifestyle. (Rom 12:1a)
2. REFOCUS THE CHURCH ON WORSHIP. We must edify not entertain. (Rom 12:1b)
3. REINVIGORATE/REVIVE the WORSHIP LEADERS. Pastors, psalmists, musicians, praise team members, etc — have become “weary in well-doing.” We are unhealthy and out of balance, and we have brought “the culture of the world into the CHURCH” Our worship has become contaminated! So much so, that we seek to experience emotion in place of the weightiness of  God’s presence. (Rom 12:2)

THE STRATEGY: Establish GH AFFILIATES to expand and explain the Gospel Heritage Organization and VISION via Regional Affiliates to essentially, ‘reforming the culture of worship in the 21st century Church’

Here is the Outline of Affiliate STRUCTURE and ACTIVITIES:
1. Powerful pastors who have proven integrity are “prime” leaders for Affiliates. This leadership requisite is biblical (Proverbs 2:20-21).

2. Pastors Oversee Affiliate activities: to include presenting two WORSHIP SUMMITS per year.

1) “WORSHIPERS WEEKEND” (Friday night service and Saturday morning Worship Clinic) where leaders and general members come together for a weekend of phenomenal WORSHIP! Please note: This is not a “concert” or “musical”–it is a very intense WORSHIP service and seminar. **Therefore…”name” artists and preachers are not necessary.
(The FIRST Annual WW should be FREE and open to the public and offerings would be received to cover costs…therefore, it is imperative that all lead pastors/worship leaders work hard to make sure there is ample attendance and awareness of this WW).
2) WORSHIPERS ROUNDTABLE — this leader-to-leader session is purposeful in discussing the current worship culture; and shaping a new, more biblical culture that can be IMPLEMENTED in the local church.

3. Term of Overseer Commitment: TWO YEARS (minimum).

4. Budgetary concerns for Local Affiliate:
Budget for WORSHIP WEEKEND is approx $3000-$3500 (inclusive), and must be underwritten by the region through donations or sponsorships (raised by region) — including any/all local advertising/marketing, travel, etc. we minimize costs and maximize awareness and fundraising opportunity.

5. Financial Structure/Purchasing/Disbursements
Gospel Heritage Foundation is a 501c3 organization (educational). All purchases must be approved (in advance) by the national office and all Funds raised go into the national account but are kept accountable/available to the local Affiliate.

1) Each Affiliate region agrees to operate with fiduciary responsibility.
2) Each Affiliate agrees to work toward the establishment of an Affiliate organizational treasury of $5000/year. (after expenses)
3) Each Affiliate agrees to work toward funding the national organization with at least $5000/year. (after expenses)

6. Details of Affiliate Worship Weekend speakers, presenters, etc to be jointly coordinated between GH and Regional leaders.

7. Each Regional Affiliate leader will attend/support the NATIONAL CONFERENCE and will use their best efforts to influence regional affiliate members to attend.

  1. To that end, we encourage EACH AFFILIATE MEMBER  (delegates who are members of local affiliates) do the following:

a. Adopt 3 churches

Share the GH vision with the pastor/worship leaders at each church;
Distribute postcards for GH regional/national events to each church,
stay connected with pastor/worship leaders and
set a goal of each church to send 10 members (REGISTER IN ADVANCE!) to each activitiy

b. Stay in touch with your churches, so that you are able to report on their progress and productivity.

c. Actively Participate in National Conference Calls;
Prepare a
Regional Presentation for National Conference
(Musical or Creative Dance presentation or both)

d. Develop a New Business Model (Platform) for artists/songwriters in the local region
– Encourage the success of artists and songwriters in
your region 

e. BUILD the local affiliate by including different cultures/races — 

  • Be intentional about Multi-cultural outreach …
    form new relationships so that we truly become a KINGDOM movement!

1. Organize a meeting of at least 8-10 other pastors and key worship leaders (music ministers, etc) to hear the vision from Dr Hairston (via teleconference).

2. If there is consensus to move forward, invite Dr Hairston to come in personally for an in-person meeting — it is suggested that the meeting be hosted by a pastor/church at a church – with a modest luncheon/reception  to show hospitality.

3. Host a regional summit. A “WORSHIPERS WEEKEND” (Friday night service and Saturday morning seminar) Please note: This is not a “concert” or “musical”–it is a very intense WORSHIP service and seminar.

Budget Goal:

Year one: $3500

Year two: $7500

Year three: $10k

Budget is raised through donations from regional members/leaders, offerings, vendors, sponsors , registrations — AFTER expenses.



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