Liturgical Dance, Mime, Drama Classes


Class Sessions:

THURSDAY, February 23, 2017

Seminar Session 1 – 11:15 am  –  12:45 pm

Seminar Session 2 – 1:45 pm  –  3:15 pm

Seminar Session 3 – 3:30 pm  –  4:45 pm

FRIDAY, February 24, 2017

Super Sessions – 11:15 am  –  1:30 pm

*Saturday – No Class Sessions

Seminar Session 1 – LITURGICAL DANCE, MIME, DRAMA: Effective Worship Using Improvisational Movement – ASCENSION DANCERS

In this session, participants will learn how to worship confidently, effectively and freely before the Lord and His people through movement that has not been choreographed.


Seminar Session 2- LITURGICAL DANCE, MIME, DRAMA: Creative but Effective Choreography Toolkit

Tools for building relevant theme-based choreography using the “Theography Acronym” template. This toolkit will help your individual or team move and minister more effectively.


Seminar Session 3-LITURGICAL DANCE, MIME, DRAMA: Using Props, Various Genres, Mime and Drama

How to meaningfully “color” ones choreography, use props (streamers, banners, bibles, instruments, chairs, etc.), mime, spoken word and drama in conjunction with your dance presentation.


Super Session – LITURGICAL DANCE, MIME, DRAMA: You Can Do It! Choreographing Practicum

This is your Final Project! You will be given a song to choreograph. Using components of Theography Acronyms your class will create a dynamic presentation.



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