IWS 2017 Schedule – Sessions 3 & 4

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Seminar Session 3 – 3:30 pm  –  4:45 pm

Seminar Session 3- CORE: History and Theology of Christian Worship – part 2

Explore various patterns of Christian Worship that have shaped the Christian church. Gain an understanding of the Liturgical calendar, as well as cultural aspects that impact the 21st Century church.
Seminar Session 3-CORE-Perspectives in Global Christian Worship
“Kingdom” expands beyond the geographic confines of one’s homeland. Learn about worship from various countries around the world. Learn of the many global influences that impact our worship.
Seminar Session 3-LITURGICAL DANCE, MIME, DRAMA: Using Props, Various Genres, Mime and Drama
How to meaningfully “color” ones choreography, use props (streamers, banners, bibles, instruments, chairs, etc.), mime, spoken word and drama in conjunction with your dance presentation.
Seminar Session 3-MINISTERS OF MUSIC: Implementing & Managing A “Transformed” Music Ministry – ADV
Is your ministry in a perpetual state of “shifting”? Do you yearn to settle in to a season of productivity where you’re not always ‘racing’ to the next service or managing a crisis or problem? Learn how to build and manage a structure that will prepare your creative arts (music, dance, mime, drama, etc) to operate in maturity.
Seminar Session 3-PASTORS & MINISTRY LEADERS: Transforming the House: Clinical Approaches
The 21st Century church is shifting in order to better serve in its disciple-making assignment. This session assists ministry leaders by examining the processes that make transformation successful and growth-oriented rather than traumatic.

FRIDAY – Super Sessions – 11:15 am  –  1:30 pm

Super Session – LITURGICAL DANCE, MIME, DRAMA: You Can Do It! Choreographing Practicum

This is your Final Project! You will be given a song to choreograph. Using components of Theography Acronyms your class will create a dynamic presentation.
Super Session – MUSICIANS & PRODUCERS: Music & Media Technology: Essentials for Ministry Growth (Roy Cotton)
Music & Media Technology: Essential for Ministry Growth Let today’s cutting edge technology become your “production assistant!” This class session will deal with everything from apps to equipment. This session will specifically assist medium and smaller ministries in managing the acquisition and use of technology to complement and not overwhelm your ministry needs and budget.
Super Session – PASTORS, LEADERS, GENERAL WORSHIP: How to reach, lead and transform the next generation
Methods and strategies designed to disciple today’s culturally diverse generation of millenniums. How to reach, lead and transform the next generation.
Super Session – PRAISE TEAMS & MINISTERS OF MUSIC: Song Selections for Balancing and Blending
Encouraging Balance & Congregational singing in the 21st century church – Get the IWS Hot 100! Best vetted Hymns, Praise Songs and Worship tunes for the 21st century church! Does your church need to “freshen” its repertoire? If so, this class is for you!


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